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IKAGE SD COLLEGE has established itself firmly within the Vocational and Occupational Education and Training environment and continues to contribute towards the local, provincial and national policy directives as well as responding to the needs of business, industry as well as society and community needs.

Over the many years of our existence we have remained focused and dedicated to provide both students and staff with the quality of service that they would like to be associated with.

The programme we offer is targeted at assisting most discouraged students and already working class personnel who are on the brink of giving up their dreams in various disciplines hence as the name Ikage (build yourself) suggest. We are committed at helping the categories of learners who are on this very cross section, by building their dreams alive.

To maintain strong growth as a provider of high quality educational
services to our clients. (learners)

To challenge and prepare students in ways they never knew possible. We teach how, through collaboration, the greatest gains are realized. By the time graduates have passed through our doors, they have experienced teamwork, project management, hustle and hope. And they have been prepared to achieve the futures they have always envisioned.

To provide leadership skills training and development in South Africa

To inspire, nurture and educate leaders in tomorrow’s technology-centric environment while contributing to the solution of the most challenging problems of our time.

To create a pervasive culture of excellence that will serve as a model for our partners and our students throughout their lives.

With teaching as its central mission, the college strives to embody the
basics conviction of South Africa democratic ideal.
That individuals be given full opportunity to discover and develop their talents and interest, to pursue their unique potential and achieve an
intellectually, culturally and economically satisfying relationship with society such opportunity should be easily available and readily accessible
to all college learners.



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